iksmode is an Amsterdam, Netherlands based company set up in July 2013. The company is specialized in developing web based technology and components. Some of these components are custom made, others are general components which can help out any developer.

iksmode API library

One set of general components now available for download, is the iksmode API library. This library is developed to make connecting to third party Application Programming Interfaces (API) as easy as possible. It is built on a core set of components that allow connecting to the APIs, authenticating and authorization. On top of that a set of components are built to make calls to each specific API. At the moment a first set of components is available to connect to a limited set of APIs. More are under development and will become available soon.

Core technologies

iksmode uses various popular open source technologies to build the websites and components. MySQL databases are the core, php for the server side logic and javascript (with jQuery library) is used to create interactive elements in the browser.